[LNH] Limp-Asparagus Lad Special #3: Vocabulary Story Challenge

Tarq mitchell_crouch at caladrius.com.au
Mon Dec 4 14:49:25 PST 2006

Oh noes!!

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> to the point where he had its activation down to near text book.  Krodd
> would not catch the remaining Legionnaires unaware now.
>      Yes, `Legionnaires', plural - for it was time for You're-Not-
> Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough Lad to act now!

I was re-reading it to get the words for A Journey 3 the Mind (which I
found I have lost any love for) when I noticed the double 'now'. I
think that if you knock out the "Yes, 'Legionnaires, plural [etc.]"
paragraph, it works fine.

Now, on a more positive note --

Oh yes!!

Really awesome story. Really. Sorry I don't have time to expand on
that, but it's definately one of my favourite entries.


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