8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 4, The Green Knight-Darkhorse Team!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 3 00:25:03 PST 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> > >    "Rock's in a safe place," says Martin.
> > >    "You better keep ahold of him," says Danielle.  "We
> > > got some questions that don't have answers yet.  We're
> > > going to want you to turn him back over to us after
> > > this is done."
> >
> > Okay, so she doesn't know.  Wow.  No wonder she needs the Green Knight.
> >  She really sucks as a dectective. :)
> Well, as to whether or not she knows yet-- we'll see.  But remember
> that the federal agent (who has a hate-on for Martin) is in the room as
> well.  If she does know, she wouldn't reveal it to the fed.

I would expect her to figure it out soon (as I'm sure Pam has, unless
she's the type to kiss masked vigilantees she's never met before)
although I suppose she could just be telling the Green Knight to come
back and make an appearance *as* Martin Rock.

> I think those that look closely at him, like Danielle, could probably
> guess that he's not in his late fifties or early sixties, but rather in
> his early-to-mid forties.

Did they know the Acrabat was black?  I mean, these are dots that can
be connected.

> But-- and this is the whole reason why Martin's identity would be safe
> from Danielle _if_ she didn't know-- in order for someone to look
> closely, they'd have to have a *reason* to look closely.
> > It's also ironic that Martin hates racism while at the same time is
> > obviously racist.  I know this element of the story is deliberate.  You
> > went into a while ago when you discussed your characters Ebonics Lad
> > and Afro Lad.
> I never created a character called Afro Lad.  Even I wouldn't have done
> that.

Eh?  Wasn't there an Afro Lad and Manga Girl mini a while back?  I
think they both died in Journey into Irrelevancy.

> Was I a racist?  [...]  It was more akin
> to Martin's racism-- sneaky and hidden.

That's what I mean.  You identify with Martin (not me, Martin Rock).

> One could argue that a white man writing about a black man providing an
> example to inner-city black youth to counter the "gangsta" images of
> manhood is inherently racist.

A white man writing about a black hero is no more racist than a black
man writing about a white hero.

> > Martin Rock's own feelings seem to be something he needs
> > to work out.  Darkhorse was quite astute in realising that the he
> > hadn't got out much socially.
> A lot of Martin's bad feelings towards white men (not really women) has
> to do with his rape.  Once he deals with that-- which he will, in some
> way, in the aforementioned # 8-- I think he'll be on the path to
> putting that behind him.

Enough said.


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