8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 4, The Green Knight-Darkhorse Team!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 22:48:54 PST 2006

There's another problem: obstruction of justice.

Martin Rock defeated the Crooked Man but didn't tell the police he was
the Green Knight.

The Green Knight defeated Nathan Willis but didn't tell the police he
was Martin Rock.

If either of these cases went to trial, wouldn't Martin Rock have to
testify?  The Green Knight can't testify without making a mask
statement (because they need some way to know that it is really him)...
but does that mean he can't be compeled to testify (and therefore
reveal his identity) in a case that would require his testimony?  Is
the greater good served by maintaining the Green Knight's honour and
secret identity or by putting somebody like Snapp behind bars?  It's a
problem because the Green Knight can't sign a supeona as Martin Rock
without giving away his identity and he cannot sign a legal document
such as a supeona as the Green Knight.  He couldn't sign a sworn
affidavid either.  This is exactly why the police shouldn't rely on
capes to do detective work: all the detective work is for nothing if
the detectives can't testify as to how they identified the culprit.
This is standard procedure and it protects the innocent: cases will get
thrown out of court if the detective won't come to court to explain how
he identified the culprit.

Now, Martin Rock can testify in court but that brings up another
problem: perjury.

Technically you're commiting perjury -and obstruction of justice- even
when police question you and you make inaccurate sworn statements.  If
Martin Rock were asked point blank in court where he had been for ten
years and what he had been doing and he didn't mention that he was the
Arcobat then is he "telling the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but
the truth"?  And what if a smart DA were to question Danielle, Pam and
Darkhorse, add it all up and then ask Martin point blank on the stands
"Are you the Green Knight"?  What does he say then?  It's like Superman
who stands for "TRUTH, justice and the American way" and then says
"Gee, Lois, I wish I were strong like Superman".  Liar, liar, pants on
fire. :)

I wouldn't mind seeing some more legal procedure in this series.  I
know that the impression that one gets from reading old comics and
detective novels or watching old detective shows on TV is that the
story ends when the bad guys are arrested but sixteen years of Law and
Order should have taught you that this is only half the story. :)


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