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You know, I was in Christchurch a couple of years ago, but I'm pretty
sure I'm not responsible for this.  I may have to write the cat into
the series, however...

{actual news item follows}

Hunt on for radioactive cat

Nov 6, 2006

The spectacular explosions of fireworks could be to blame for a cat
going missing and spreading alarm in Christchurch, because this is no
ordinary cat - she's also radioactive.

Nuts is a 13-year-old speyed female feline that is just too hot to
handle - for at least another few days anyway.

It's a case of look but don't touch because Nuts has been implanted
with radioactive iodine to treat an over active thyroid gland.

Nuts was taken to Christchurch's Straven Road vets a week ago for a
hyperthyroid procedure. After the procedure it was put in a garage
where it was to stay for a week under quarantine. But on Saturday night
the door was found ajar and Nuts has been missing ever since.

"She would still be radioactive," says owner Michelle Reeves.

Reeves wants anyone who sees Nuts to put out some water for her but
leave her alone. Keep an eye on her and ring the vet or myself or the

Veterinarian Dr Chris Steele says once a cat has been treated with the
implant it usually stays in the clinic in isolation.

Concerned vet clinic staff have poster dropped more than 300 households
attempting to find Nuts.

"We feel really really bad about it so if anybody spots Nuts, if you
can help us get Nuts back it'd be really appreciated," says Steele.

The fear is the radioactive cat may have gone into hiding after a
weekend of fireworks.

"She used to always sleep on my bed and we used to always snuggle into
each other," says Nuts' co-owner Chelsea Reeves.

Chelsea is one owner who hopes those stories about cats amazing homing
instinct are all true.

Source: One News

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