LNH/META: Dibs on Pluto!

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 21:44:07 PDT 2006

When Pluto was destroyed in last year's WAR WITHOUT WORLDS, I asked
Jamas Enright if I might do a follow-up story centering around Pluto,
an idea to which he readily agreed.  Since Pluto has been in the news
lately, I have been sufficiently inspired to start writing that story,
but not sufficiently inspired to finish it just yet. :-)

And so, I'd like to call "dibs" on Pluto, Plutonians, and jokes about
dwarf planets.  Okay, well, maybe not that last part.  But I'm serious
about the Pluto and the Plutonians.

Or as serious as anyone can be with the LNH.


Thank you. :-)

==Tom, who spent his weekend watching the first two series of
Blackadder and found it to be most excellent and cunning indeed.

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