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Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 23 02:29:54 PDT 2006

> At least one: his name is Dan Didio, and he seems to
> have something
> against the DeMatties/Giffen league, Young Justice,
> and anything that
> "undermines" a light or entertaining approach to a
> character/sidekick.

  Didio's policy as an editor is similar (in some
ways) to Bill Jemas.  'If it sells, let's do it.  If
it doesn't--- let's try massively changing the concept
and make people take notice.'   As crazy as some of
his ideas are they sell comics.  DeMatties and Giffen
don't sell comics.  They don't win Wizard Awards which
are based on a sales to half naked women ratio.  No,
Giffen and Dematties win Eisners.  The only award in
comics (aside from the Harveys) that matter to
professionals but really don't do much for their
careers.  If you're lucky enough to be as talented as
Sergio Aragones Or George Perez you might just have a
fancy set of paperweights.  

  Besides, the spirit of the Giffen/Dematties league
lives on and even thrives at Boom!'s Hero Squared.  If
you weren't so much like Mainstream Man you'd know

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