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Sun Aug 20 15:41:34 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps pointed out:
>Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>I write different characters as having different backgrounds and
>>ethnicities and religions for different reasons.  None of them are
>>really what you could call iconic or, hopefully, stereotypical.
>I've always been nervous whenever I've seen Chinese Guy in a story. Maybe 
>he should have been called Martial Arts Guy or something.

A good point, but one I'm already working on.  He was killed in
Flame Wars 4, and I plan to have him resurrected by Flipseid as an
Evil Minion.  Then, after the Legionnaires rescue him, he'll start using
the codename Seeker (which is a Champions RPG joke; the previous
Seeker was also an Australian martial artist, but he, along with
Quantum and Solitaire, have been excised from the 5th ed.
Champions setting - apparently it has to do with payments to their
trademark owner Steve Shroud).

All I have to do is finish part two of 'Decimation', and then _Limp-
Asparagus Lad_ will be up to the part of continuity that deals with
the fallout from FW4 and FW5, and possibly Net.Heroes on Parade's
Chatillon and Digial JUMP's Kid Excitable.  I plan to call it 'One Month
Later' :-)

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