META: Did you know...

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Aug 14 21:47:45 PDT 2006

Jamie Rosen asked, "Did you know...

> That google.groups won't allow you to reply to a topic more than 30
> days old? I was going to reply to a comment about where Cannon Fodder
> goes when he dies by mentioning that I'm pretty sure I had him converse
> briefly with IIIL at some point, but I guess I can't say that now.

No, but we do now-- and knowing is half the battle. :-)

"What's the other half of the battle?"

> Jamie "Wha -- Where am I? Who are you people?" Rosen

Apropos that question, I _think_ Saxon may have addressed that
(partially) in his Death of Cheesecake-Eater Lad add-on.

And I feel very proud that that story also inspired Jamie to create
IIIL in the first place. :-)

Ah, memories.

The only question left, of course, is, did Ralph Nader stay dead?


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