REVIEW: ASH #70 - Morning Star

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Tom Russell wrote:

> Now, granted: the giant monsters DO NOT kick the shit out of each other
> in this issue.  We've only got one monster.  So this is GODZILLA, and
> not GODZILLA VS. MOTHRA (and certainly not MONSTER ZERO, greatest
> and cleverest of all the classic Gorija flicks).  It's people versus giant,
> unstoppable monster, and with the focus on Heraclius (that's the giant
> beetle monster, mind you, and not the most sensitive sexual organ of
> Zeus's often-miffed spouse) during the "Manifest Destiny" arc, you
> kinda expect it.

You know, for some strange reason I somehow got it into my head
that the fight would involve more than Heraclius and his offspring/
remote animates, and I'm not sure why.  Which is a bit embarrassing,
because it says 'beetle battle'; not something like 'three way
kaiju kombat' that would hint that Bronzewing and Infernion (and
even the greatly reduced Leviathan) might be involved as well.  Not
to mention the fact that, reviewing previous issues, Infernion has
the mandate to watch the others and only attack if they get out of

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