[WWW] Enter the Infinatum: The ASI

Sarcasticus Rex the_infinatum at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 11 10:22:15 PDT 2006

New Month, new addition. Check out my latest series proposal...

The Unseen. The Unexplained. The Unknown.
They are the ASI, the Agency of Scientific Investigations. Or is it the
Association of Sagacious Intelligence? Or maybe the American Security
Institute. Actually, it's all and none of them. The ASI is the
epitome of ambiguity. Such obscurity is required for what they do;
investigating, seeking and researching of the strange, the secret and
the unsolvable.
It's who they are. It's what they do.

Drop by my website to read more on the ASI, as well as the DEVils and
the Regulators. Plus, read my script synopses, fan fiction, and so on.

Stay Tuned!


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