8FOLD/CONTEST: The Great 8FOLD Quiz!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 11 07:15:20 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:

> 1. Which three teams have battled Red Fido?

The Seven Wonders, New Oneida Commune and The Mammal Militia.

> 2. What is Ray Cradle's middle name?

Ray.  His full name is Anders Ray Cradle II.

> 3. What is Billy Kidman's occupation?

He is currently running a bookstore.

> 4. What do Incarnate and Tom Baker have in common?

Tom Baker starred in Doctor Who, the BBC science fiction series
featuring a hero known only as "The Doctor".  Similarly, Incarnate
features a character only known as "The Doctor".

> 5. How did the narrator of THE HOUSE OF FICTION cause
> a stir at school?

He brought Gloria Brampton, a local porn star, to speak at Career Day.

> 6. What was Katie Morgan's first action as the second
> Dr. Metronome?

Well, Katie didn't assume the identity of Dr. Metronome until the end
of Journey Into #1 and the next time we see her she is fighting against
Harry and Greggory in the museum in Speak #7 alongside Darkhorse and

> 7. What is the name of Cloning Contessa's hideout?

The Chateau of Doom

> 8. What is the name of the Green Knight's hideout?

The Knight's Den

> 9. In which city does Billy Kidman live?

Rex Falls, Ontario

> 10. Which hero's debut caused a resurgence in USENET?

The Human Zeppelin

> The rules: Feel free to reread some of your favourite
> 8FOLD stories if you can't remember the answers.  But
> please, DON'T go to the FAQ.  Please.

You mean the answers are in the FAQ?  You mean I did all that rereading
and the answers were all in the @#$%ing FAQ?  @#$%!


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