8FOLD/CONTEST: The Great 8FOLD Quiz!

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 09:00:23 PDT 2006

Your mission: correctly answer these ten questions,
posting your answers in this very thread!

The prize: an autographed dvd copy of MILOS, LIFE AND
TIMES OF A DREAMER, absolutely free!

The questions:

1. Which three teams have battled Red Fido?

2. What is Ray Cradle's middle name?

3. What is Billy Kidman's occupation?

4. What do Incarnate and Tom Baker have in common?

5. How did the narrator of THE HOUSE OF FICTION cause
a stir at school?

6. What was Katie Morgan's first action as the second
Dr. Metronome?

7. What is the name of Cloning Contessa's hideout?

8. What is the name of the Green Knight's hideout?

9. In which city does Billy Kidman live?

10. Which hero's debut caused a resurgence in USENET?

The rules: Feel free to reread some of your favourite
8FOLD stories if you can't remember the answers.  But
please, DON'T go to the FAQ.  Please.

Working on an honour system here, folks.

First person to answer all ten questions correctly
wins the dvd, loaded with such wonderful special
features as:

<self promotion>

-- the film itself, with chapter stops
-- cast interviews
-- deleted scenes
-- and a short film

And if you lose, you can still get your hands on this
bad boy for ten measly US dollars.

And, if you're broke, you can still catch the
incredibly Milosy action on youtube, in the form of a
seventeen episode re-edited web series.  About a
half-hour has been cut out of the film, and so you're
going to be missing some of the soul of it, some of
the nuance.  But you still get the plot and, boy, I
think it's a doozy!

</self promotion>

So, c'mon, and enter this contest!



Tom Russell
autographed dvds available for $10 US

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