REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #31 - July 2006 [spoilers]

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sun Aug 6 21:30:53 PDT 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #31 - July 2006 [spoilers]

> Journey Into... #3
> An Eightfold [8Fold] series
> by Tom Russell
>      Story focusing on the speedster Fleetfeet.  Nice story with a strong
> Silver Age vibe; the first part in particular, with its bizarre death

Thank you.

> Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #18
> 'Catalyst Lass Vs. The Preacher'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
> by Tom Russell

>  There's also lots of references to reading gushy romance novels
> used to good effect - although to be honest when the character was split/

Thank you.

> divided/duplicate/what-have-you into Catalyst Lass and Hell Catalyst all
> those years ago I was never sure on which of the two characters had which
> character traits, so I'll have to simply assume that reading purple prose
> is appropriate to CL rather than HC.

Well, in this issue, I tried to follow Martin's tactic, of combining
the two characterizations.  My basic idea is that, she's sexy when it
serves her best to be sexy, and sneaky when it serves her best to be

That being said, Jeff McCoskey's slant on the character was always the
one I had the most affinity for, and I don't think the split was really
necessary.  Characters like the Ultimate Ninja and Master Blaster can
sustain multifaceted interpetations, why not Cat?

Not that I'm trying to retcon the split or anything; I'm just kind of
ignoring it for the purposes of this particular story, as it isn't
really relevant.

> him.  The latter only barely works, since Cat seems to have overlooked
> the fact that the Preacher has always been more concerned with being
> right than with being popular.

True, I hadn't thought of that myself. :-)

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