LNH: Haiku Gorilla # 123

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 22:57:45 PDT 2006


beloved blossoms
his short black curls hang in the
hall of lost heroes

          ~ FOR M. G. ~

               (C) COPYRIGHT 2006 TOM RUSSELL.


... and that takes us up to the end of 2005 and this storyline.
   Haiku Gorilla's next appearance, in story chronology, is JUST
IMAGINE 2 # 2-- which is also his first actual appearance.  In that
story, he is murdered by the Weevil Mastermind.
   Needless to say, he gets better. :-)

   Expect to see H. G. in an Adrian McClure-penned story for LNH vol.
2, as well as a Tom Russell penned LNH vol. 2 Annual.  (And, if anyone
wants to help write that massive story, let me know.  I'm going to
spill any plot details here, but if you like my LNH writing and would
like to collaborate, drop me a line.)
   After that Annual, the Haiku Gorilla series will start up again--
taking things in a bold new direction!
   If you'd like to use Haiku Gorilla in a story, feel free to ask me.
I'll have a How-to-Write Guide available for Haiku Gorilla, and also
WikiBoy, sometime in the near future.


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