[LNH] President Evil #5

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 20:31:37 PDT 2006

Adrian James McClure wrote:

> 	"Braaaaaains!" groaned the oncoming zombie senior citizens.
> 	"It's nice to see men who want me for my brains," said Forgotten Gal.


> "But sorry, you can't have 'em.  How about some FIST!"  She started


> 	And on the outskirts of RACCoon city, the most unlikely zombie of all
> shambled in:  Ralph Nadir!  Yes, the world's most famous consumer
> advocate, long thought to have been killed by retcon


>(well, OK, maybe "classic" is stretching it a
> bit),


> has now risen from the grave to run for president!


>   Lion Brain
> didn't have a body anymore, and the body he'd had was that of a
> genentically engineered lion anyway, so she wasn't really his type.
> But he had to admit intellectually that she was very attractive.


>   Now I can have my revenge
> for the mean comments he left on my MySpace account!"


> 	"He's not really a vampire.  He just pretends to be one to be more
> special."
> 	"I am so a vampire!  I'm a psychic vampire.  I can drain people's
> emotional energy."


>  And now behold--Super Eyeball!"
> 	"No!" said Lion Brain.  "No!  It can't be!  It's my own eyeball!  How
> can you turn against me like this!"
> 	"You abandoned me!" said Super Eyeball.  "Now you will pay for it!"


> 	"This exposition has gone on for long enough!  For we are... THE


This response has been an exercise in minimilism, and was brought to
you by Action League Poland and the Perplexing Random Battallion of
Poland, who are all public domain, in need of personalities, and were
created with Lee's (Useless) Superhero Generator.


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