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Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Sat Apr 29 23:49:54 PDT 2006

Dave Van Domelen <dvandom at haven.eyrie.org> writes:

>      Wow, that contact email for me hasn't worked for nearly a decade.  :)
> dvandom at eyrie.org, obviously.


> And something tells me Eric Burns's email listed there is defunct (not
> that he's really in charge of Superguy contact stuff anymore, but you
> can see him at www.websnark.com).

That one is fine, actually, and is still the right contact address.  He's
probably about as good of a Superguy contact as anyone; the only other
people I can think of would be Chris Angelini or myself, and I think it's
a toss-up overall.

>      Patricia Wright has gone through a bunch of other emails, and just
> set up some new ones in the wake of becoming Patricia Williams, but I
> forget which one is okay to give publicly.

I'll check with her; her eyrie address may be the right one.

>      Dave Van Domelen, doesn't have an FAQ for ASH, but has a website
> that could be listed instead.  http://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/ASH

Thanks, added.

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