LNH/META: LNH leadership and such (was Re: Saviours of the NET #7)

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Sat Apr 29 23:28:48 PDT 2006

Adrian James McClure wrote:
> Jamas Enright wrote:
> >
> > Catalyst Lass. She was the leader during the Looniverse Adrift! arc.
> From this discussion, Catalyst Lass sounds like an excellent choice.
> As Tom said, the leader of the LNH needs to be someone who has several
> different aspects of their personality and is capable of different
> interpretations, and from the discussion that's been going on Catalyst
> Lass fits that criterion very well.  You have the Particle Man and LNH
> Triple Play interpretations.  (I would sort of ignore the Hell Catalyst
> retcon, to the extent that Hell Catalyst does exist but her personality
> traits are still ones that the "real" Catalyst Lass is capable of.)  I
> also ended up inadvertantly coming up with a third, slightly different
> interpretation when I used her in Just Imagine II, as I hadn't read
> extensively in either of those series.  (Keeping up with the new
> issues, and my school work, doesn't always leave me time for archive
> reading.)  I ended up writing her as someone who tends to be
> level-headed in bizarre and confusing situations, and she's able to
> persuade people by her presence of mind.  It makes that someone like
> her would be flexible and have different ways of relating to people.
> In that story, the other LNHers on that particular mission ended up
> unconsciously gravitating toward her as leader.

Wow.  Catalyst Lass.  I didn't think of her.  With so many people (me,
Jameel, Jeff) writing her way back when, there was a possibility of her
rising through the ranks and becoming a more important character.  She
hasn't been used much since Catalytic Conversions.  Enough time has
gone on that that particular story can be ignored (if not retconned
away completely) and then she'd be a well defined character: strong,
romantic, empathic... probably best to ignore her "ditziness" though
because Jeff didn't really mean for her to come across that way.  The
fact that she was leader during the Looniverse Adrift arc ahead of
Irony Man is a good point: of course, Jeff McCoskey was co-writing that
arc and he considered her to be "his" character at the time so it
didn't come as a surprise.  She was, after all, one of the stars of
Triple Play.

I'd like to modify Tom's suggestion a bit: if something were to happen
to Ultimate Ninja then it wouldn't necessarily follow that Fearless
Leader would take over, just as it wasn't automatic that Ultimate Ninja
would take over when Rebel Yell left.  So Fearless Leader and Irony Man
could both be considered candidates with Irony Man getting support from
old-timers.  Both of them would try to get Catalyst Lass to support
them but then she announces that she supports... neither of them and
explains why.  Ah but then Ultimate Ninja would have to come back in
then end, unless somebody can hunt down wReam and get his permission to
kill UN off. ;)

Oh and, Arthur, I wasn't the one who introduced the Black and White
(and later Gold) Manga Men.  That was somebody else.  Nor is White
Manga Man necessarily dead.  ("A shame what happened to him" could
refer to him twisting his ankle!)


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