LNH/META: LNH leadership and such (was Re: Saviours of the NET #7)

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Sat Apr 29 21:49:56 PDT 2006

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006, Tom Russell wrote:

> I would be content if that was the only thing that came out of this
> "controversial statement" of mine.  But Jamas gave us something far
> more:
>> I suggest now to anyone interested in this idea to write a "Leader for the
>> day" type story. If you really want to give a bid for a character, prove
>> to the rest of us that that person works. :)

I have to admit that the main reason I suggested this because I refuse to 
take any suggestion seriously from someone who doesn't activitly 
contribute to the LNH.

> This, I think, is a terrific idea, and one that we should follow up on.
> How about this: the Ninja goes on vacation for an entire month,
> leaving behind a list of thirty (or thirty-one) LNHers to take his
> slot, each for one day.  It could be a cascade story: someone could
> write the first part, starring, say, Catalyst Lass, and then someone
> else could write the second, et cetera.  Perhaps somewhere along the
> line a plot would develop.

If you like cascades...

One story structure that occurs to me is set up a first issue of some kind 
of time changer (Yes, another one...) who does something that removes UN 
as leader, but fractures reality into...

...several different stories in which there are other leaders of the 
LNH.(*) Could use the same story idea in each, or not. Probably, in some 
way, uncover the time changer's influence, leading to...

...in Eclipso #2...I'm mean, the next issue, the several leaders of 
whoever's posted get together to take out the time changer, leaving as the 
leader...either UN or whoever else...

(*) In some stories, maybe the new leader has always been the leader, in 
others, they are just starting being the leader. The former would mean 
that you wouldn't need to spend a lot of time setting up so-and-so as the 
leader, just get on with it.

> But that leaves all the other days for someone to come back to later,
> to fill in the missing stories.

Above story idea does mean others could come along later and write other 
'other leader' stories, just that those leaders don't make it through to 
the resolution.

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