[META] Imprint contact information

Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Sat Apr 29 21:28:07 PDT 2006

So, the rec.arts.comics.creative FAQ was supposed to contain a list of
imprints and contact information.  Sadly, I've not been paying attention
for rather a long time, and it was hopelessly out of date.

I've taken the first step of deleting all the stuff that I don't think is
worth keeping in the FAQ itself any more (ELECK, PATROL, NTB, etc.).  The
next step is for everyone out there who is running an imprint that isn't
listed in the FAQ to mail me the blurb for the keywords list and the
contact information for someone to talk to about that imprint.

You can see the current list at:


You can see that the people to ask for help is now sadly tiny, and
probably also not that accurate.  (I don't think asking Drizzt about the
LNH is going to get you very far these days, although he might point
people in the right direction.)  So, help me fix it.  :)

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