LNH/META: LNH leadership and such (was Re: Saviours of the NET #7)

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 20:22:33 PDT 2006

When i started this line of thought, I was acting somewhat in the
capacity of devil's advocate; I figured the Ninja would remain the
leader, and, as I said, though I see good reasons to change it, there
are no particulary compelling reasons why it would need to be changed.
(An important distinction.)

I figured that the most that would come out of it would be some
discussion and character analysis, both things that I love & crave, and
both things that we've gotten in abundance.  While I don't necessarily
agree with Martin's assessments-- I think there are a lot more than
three choices, and I don't particularly think that Kid Kirby would be
all that great of a leader-- I welcome them.  Arthur reminds us why MTM
is a great character, and I'm suddenly full of story ideas for Catalyst
Lass (both in a leadership capacity and not).

I would be content if that was the only thing that came out of this
"controversial statement" of mine.  But Jamas gave us something far

> I suggest now to anyone interested in this idea to write a "Leader for the
> day" type story. If you really want to give a bid for a character, prove
> to the rest of us that that person works. :)

This, I think, is a terrific idea, and one that we should follow up on.
 How about this: the Ninja goes on vacation for an entire month,
leaving behind a list of thirty (or thirty-one) LNHers to take his
slot, each for one day.  It could be a cascade story: someone could
write the first part, starring, say, Catalyst Lass, and then someone
else could write the second, et cetera.  Perhaps somewhere along the
line a plot would develop.

Now, it's unlikely that we would be able to compose, as a group,
thirty/thirty-one stories, one a day, over the course of a month.  It'd
be more likely that we have a much smaller story focused on a much
smaller roster of leaders-for-the-day.  Say, a six or twelve part
cascade, one which would probably be written over the course of a
couple months.

But that leaves all the other days for someone to come back to later,
to fill in the missing stories.

I think it could be a fun idea, no matter how it turns out, and it
might be something worth pursuing.  Maybe make an event of it, kind of
like Apes Month.  Now, as to what month all this would take place in...

I think out of courtesy to Mr. Willey, whose Killfile Wars require
Ultimate Ninja(s) in the leadership role, all this would have to wait
until after Killfile Wars has run its course.  But that just gives us
all time to think about and discuss what characters we'd like to see,
how certain characters would react to certain things, to let it all

Or, you know, not. :-)

What do you guys think?

And, Jamas, thanks one again for the idea.  I think it's a beaut.


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