LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes vol. 2 # 12

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 17:09:04 PDT 2006

>    "If Obscure Trivia Lad is not mistaken," says
> Obscure Trivia Lad, "Sig.ago was pointlessly
> destroyed
> years ago." [*-- THE TEAM # 25.]

   But that means Obscure Trivia Lad's powers weren't
working right either.  While the destruction occurred
in The Team #25 it was RECONSTRUCTED years later in
The Team #50.  It was shown as recently as RTKWs.     

   And the destruction wasn't pointless... it was part
of a redemption story arc.  In order to do a
redemption story you have to have something that the
characters need redemption for.   The Team,
particularly Boy Redundant Lad (1) and Duplicator, had
neglected their roles as heroes and were chosing to
spend their time with 'personal issues'.  They paid
the price... some with their lives others with the
torment of living through it.  

   As a friend pointed out to me a little while ago,
PTSD sometimes is delayed years and I have considered
such a story for Rick.  The only problem is I think it
would probably come off a little bit too luck like the
final episode of M*A*S*H.      

   To EMPHASIZE a 'you can learn to do the right thing
later... but that doesn't really give you a clean
slate' point only the city was rebuilt.   Not the

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