META: Eyrie archives updated

Eagle eagle at
Sat Apr 29 13:35:43 PDT 2006

You didn't think I'd ever do it, did you?  *grin*

I took three hours this morning and went through the 1800 messages that
had been posted since the last time I updated the archives and did a
massive update.  Everything should now be available at:


if you can figure out my strange organization scheme.  If it's not there,
I don't have it.  If you have it and I don't, please send it to me so that
I can add it.

Also, since I don't really trust Google and since there was a bunch of
interesting discussion and the like in the archives, I've gone ahead and
enabled archiving on the mailing list version of rec.arts.comics.creative
and imported the messages that I have.  That unfortunately only goes back
to the end of 2003, but archiving is turned on going forward, so in the
future the group archive in general won't be beholden to Google.

That archive is at:


It's not particularly fancy, but it will do.

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