LNH: Happy 14th Birthday Legion of Net.Heroes!

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Sat Apr 29 13:02:45 PDT 2006

In a couple of years you'll be able to get your Driver's License.

Arthur "Now Where's the Cake!" Spitzer

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In article <1992Apr27.200119.9... at math.ucla.edu> sher... at oak.math.ucla.edu
(The Ahkond of Swat) writes:

>That's "Winsor McCay", no "d", no "K".  I've seen two posts naming McCay
>on this thread, and both got the spelling wrong; so I saw my duty clear.
>-Ovyy Furezna, aka Spelling Boy of the LSH


I don't know about _that_, but I would like to propose that those who have
been active on this newsgroup some time may well be a Legion of their own
. . .

the Legion of Net.Heroes.

We even have our own set of villains, who appear and vanish from time to
time.  Probably the best candidate for net.arch.villain would be
Omega.Mosely, who vanishes and reappears with the same stochastic
irregularity as a good Batman villain.  We've also had such perils as the
Black Dude with the Hat, the Fundamentalist Circle, and the Fagbashing
Empire. . .

I don't want to propose noms du net.hero for others, but you've given your
own:  Spelling Boy.  Fair enough.  The power is obvious also.

In his absence (sniff!), I'll propose that Jerry Boyajian be retconned as
Jayem Bee, a/k/a Bibliography Boy, whose power was the ability to answer any
obscure question.

Me?  I guess I can join up as California Kid, whose power is to read comix
weeks after everyone else has discussed 'em. . .

        You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.

Dan'l Danehy-Oakes, Net.Roach
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