LNH: Brotherhood of Net.Villains Roster entry...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 26 20:11:42 PDT 2006

This is from 1995...

Probably really out of date...

Any new members since then?
Any old members that are no longer around?

I think Revamp Lass became Hell Catalyst.  Although, I think Jeff McCoskey
also created a new one.

CREATED BY barnejd at wkuvx1.wku.edu
ADD.NOTES:  Most evil, nefarious, group of them all.  Originally
formed by Table and subsequently reorganised by Mr. Homage, the Brotherhood
has now taken up residence with Lagneto on Asteroid L.
*NAME: Amnesia
 POWERS:  Another plot device come to life.  Old foe of OTL.
*NAME: Angst
 POWERS: Creates angst.
*NAME: Captain CoreDump
 POWERS:  Causes Unix C programmers no end of trouble!
*NAME: Color-Error Man
 POWERS:  Responsible for errors which upset the continuum and
cause flame wars.
 STATUS: C-E Man was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood
crossover but apparently escaped
*NAME: Demented Designer
 POWERS:  Responsible for new ugly costumes for Rage, Firestar, etc.
          Hunted by Stichentyme Man. (another villian)
*NAME: EraserHead
 POWERS:  Deleting horror of the Looniverse. Elemental force of
destruction.  Unknown how Homage domesticated him.
 STATUS: Unknown
*NAME: Grim 'N Gritty
 POWERS: Twin brother and sister who, when they touch, can cause
the immediate area to become more "realistic" and "modernized".
 STATUS: Gritty was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood
*NAME: Hiatus
 POWERS: Able to freeze heroes in place for months at a time.
         An attack by him may be followed by use of ReVamp Lass' powers.
 STATUS: Hiatus was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood
*NAME: Hooded Ho`'ood Win II
 POWERS: Able to pit hero against hero.
         Believed to be an alien or extradimensional experimenter.
         Not to be confused w/ the original.
 STATUS: HHW II was captured during the Crimes of the Brotherhood
*NAME: LobDell Lad
 POWERS: Public enema #1!  Leaves out story middles and endings.
         Possesses spelling, grammar, and foreign-lang. warping powers.
         Former foe of Rebel Yell.
 STATUS: Retired
*NAME: Mister Homage (Leader)
 POWERS: Mysterious armor-wearing rip-off artist.
         Has fought LNH before in some other guise.
 STATUS: Mr. Homage was captured in C. Champ and the Drizzt Defenders #22
*NAME: Plotchopper
 POWERS: Enjoys chopping plots midstream.  One of the more hated
LNH villians.  Seems weakened since reality axis shift to Alt.Comics.LNH.
*NAME: Polybag Person
 POWERS: Responsible for polybags around "collectible" comics.
         Formerly Mylar Man, until he was corrupted and fell.
*NAME: Professor Perhap
 POWERS: Able to make verbalized questions occur and be answered.
         Because his powers may "perhaps" work, he keeps a pack of
wild dogs.
 STATUS: Professor Perhap was dumped by his fellow Net.Villains by
the group and subsequently placed in LNH custody.
*NAME: Repetitive Lad
 POWERS: Answer questions on the net that have already been answered.
*NAME: Revamp Lass
 POWERS: Causes unpopular heroes to be 'restyled' for a wider audience.
         Possible arch-enemy of Lost Cause Boy.
*NAME: RobGoblin
 POWERS: Ability to make proportions of a heroes body completely
ridiculous.  Has negative effects on their powers.
*NAME: Romantic-Innuendo
 POWERS: Chaos-lovin' villian who enjoys pairing up girls and guys.
         Powers usually temporary.
*NAME: Rumor Monger
 POWERS: Spreads latest rumors.
         Foe of OTL since "Cable-is-Nathan-Summers" rumor.
*NAME: X-Intruder
 POWERS: Frequently upsets R.A.C.M. readers by posting
X-book-related material to that group.  Hounded for this, he turns to a life
of crime.

Arthur "And Drizzt didn't create all these guys" Spitzer

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