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> Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>> Arthur Spitzer's Top Ten Favorite LNH Stories

>> 7.  Continuity Champ #19
> I read CC once when I did my first sweep of the archives.  Truth be
> told, it left me kind of cold.  I remember exchanging a few email with
> Drizzt, though, and I found him, like all the old-timers, to be a
> really nice guy, very helpful.  And I really enjoyed his work in one of
> the FLAME WARS crossover-- the one where the villain was named
> Flashback.

His Tale of Continuity series was a lot better and worth
checking out:

It doesn't really feel like an LNH series (despite some cameos by
Dr. Stomper and Ferris Jones).   It's very serious.  No Joke City
in LNHY is a bit of parody of Misery Ridge (where the series is set)
I always wondered how Misery Ridge managed to keep all of the silliness
from the outside from invading it.  It is a good series though.

>> 4.  Legion of Occult Heroes #4
> I read the series once through the archive, and have always been
> meaning to do so again.  The first time I read it, I didn't really take
> my time and so a lot of it didn't gel.  Maybe I'll make my second go
> sometime soon.

I've actually probably read this series quite a few times.

My NTB series On the Deadbeat was kind of inspired by it.

To bad I'll never get to see the conclusion.  This is one of the few LNH
series that I'd probably be willing to pay to see more issues.

>> 3.  LNH Triple Play #3
> Is it just me, or do we need to have a second Valentine's Ball?  I
> mean, the first one was so much fun.

Sequels are always worse.

> ... but on the other hand, compared to the LNHTP Valentine's Ball,
> anything we come up with would be superfluous.  So never mind.
> That's how you know you've got a good story: when you want to have more
> of it, but know that it can't possibly measure up.

>> 1.  Particle Man Annual #1
> And, actually, I don't think I ever got to this one.  I think I'll read
> it tonight.  Thanks, Arthur! :-)

I should probably have mentioned that it's kind of part two of a two part
series.  Particle Man #10 was I think part one (which is good also).

Of course you should probably read the entire Particle Man series anyway.

David R Henry also wrote these stories which are good:

And he wrote a couple of issues of the Omaha Project, which
also had a funny story be Kevin Wilcox in it.

Unfortunately it also has some of my worst LNH writing it it.

>> Arthur "You could do worse than reading these" Spitzer
> I'm glad that you chose to concentrate on the early period of the LNH;
> it helps remind us of stories that we may have forgotten, never read,
> or never heard of.  There are a lot of great stories from the first few
> years of the LNH, including some that are a little rougher around the
> edges, like Kyle Lucke's CHEEEZ Corps or wReam's work.  All worth
> seeking out, all just as good in their own way as the best of Ahbay and
> Rogers and Dvandom and Mistlock.
> --Tom

Arthur "Good Old Days" Spitzer

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