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Tue Apr 25 19:53:15 PDT 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> in article 1145508531.748311.69140 at u72g2000cwu.googlegroups.com, Tom Russell
> at milos_parker at yahoo.com wrote on 4/19/06 9:49 PM:
> > Looks very nice, Arthur!  I think it might be better moved to the
> > "Evolution" section, as it is a natural outgrowth of that idea; the
> > "Looniverse" section should be revised to cover the basics of the LNH
> > world, its humour, people, and backstory.
> >
> > Someone more familiar with the pre-LNH history (by which I mean more
> > familiar than myself; after all, Art *did* give us the Legion of Net.
> > Hippies) should tell that part of the story, the "fictional" history of
> > the world and Net.ropolis.  I think we can stay away from current
> > history in so much as there have been no earth-shaking crossovers in
> > the LNH reality.  There have been great ones-- and I think that would
> > be an excellent idea for another "The Greats" thread-- and ones that
> > have had major impacts on the characters involved, but nothing so grand
> > and lofty as to merit discussion in the fictional history part of the
> > article.
> What events are important?
> The Two and Half Month Gap, Cry.Sig, The Death of Lost Cause Boy, Rebel Yell
> leaving and Ultimate Ninja taking complete control of the LNH, Pocket Man
> and Organic Lass getting married, Retcon Hour, Catalyst Lass being split in
> two, The Death of Sig.Lad, The Destruction of Sig.ago, Panta getting
> retconned, Tom Russell being killed by the Mechanical Author, A bunch of
> LNHers like Master Blaster and Cheesecake Eater Lad getting married, and
> what else?

Wait, wait, wait: when did Cheesecake-Eater Lad remarry and to whom?  I
know he was married at least once before-- a wife is mentioned in his
original origin story-- but I wasn't aware of a second time around, or
if I was, I've forgotten it.  Did he finally tie the knot with
aLLiterative Lass?

Speaking of CEL and his origin story, <begin promo> be sure to check
out LNH Vol. 2 # 12, to be posted this Legion Day, April 29!  For
within those pages you will find his origin recapped in a way that
synthesizes elements from the original and later-day retcons by Martin
"LNH Comics Presents Special # 6" Phipps and Tom "the original Onion
Lad trilogy" Russell!

LNH Vol. 2 # 12 also features...

...the return of two long-lost LNHers!
... eleven footnotes!
... the death of Cannon Fodder!
... the fastball special!
... the heartstopper technique!
... one legged ballerinas!
   ... with cancer!
... and a special bonus story we just had to call... TAILS OF THE LNH!

What more could you possible want from a special full-length three-part
epic anniversary extravaganza? <end promo>

> I think maybe there should be a section on significant adversaries that the
> LNH has had.

Sounds good to me.

> any others?

Y-Blex Burp?

You know, I've always wanted to ask... what the #$@%~ kind of name is
Y-Blex Burp, anyway?


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