LNH/META: Flatulence Lad

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 23 21:01:44 PDT 2006

Okay, a couple of-- well, actually, six-- things:

(1) Does anyone know what the current status is for Flatulence Lad?
Or, to be more exact, the Ghost of Flatulence Lad?  I remember he made
a couple of appearances before-- I'm blanking on where-- in his
ectoplasmic state.  I think it was just someone smelt some particularly
bad flatus, and it turns out that it was Flatulence Lad.

(2) If he is reserved, does anyone have any contact information for

(3) Did you know, that according to the European Journal of Cancer
Prevention, Vol. 11 # 1, p. 67-68, that "flatus [samples] collected
from females had a greater concentration of hydrogen sulfide and was
judged to have a significantly more repulsive odour than male"?  The
study itself is somewhat dubious, but it's still a surprisingly
effective psuedo-factoid when one is being chastised for emulating our
dearly departed friend, Flatulence Lad.

(4) Also, in something completely unrelated to Flatulence Lad, I have a
crossover idea and was wondering if there's anyone interested.  It
wouldn't be one of those big "Legion vs. INSERT VILLAIN HERE"
crossovers.  Or even a "THREAT TO REALITY AS WE KNOW IT" crossover, or
a "EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE" crossover.  It'd be more of a small,
funny, character-driven crossover.


(6) Tom.

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