[REPOST/LNH] Saviours of the NET #7: 'A Fight Scene! A FightScene!'

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 00:59:14 PDT 2006

>But at the time, I *wasn't* adding to the great big
>story.  Making Gary Niceguy the son of Sarcastic
>Lad, for example: that didn't *add* to the
>story.  Retconning Carolyn's mother into CPDC and
>making Carolyn the daughter of Killfile-- that
>didn't add to the fabric of the LNH.  Or
>the time that all anime on television was replaced
>by insipid children's programming featuring a purple

  I'd argue that Carolyn Forge thing.   Every once in
awhile a comic writer will write a story that is in so
many ways a load of utter crap.  (Tom put down that
pitch fork... I'm going somewhere with this.)

   Let me give you an example.  Bill Mantlo and John
Byrne both wrote a rather ho-hum Hulk stories that
established Bruce Banner's father as a sadistic drunk
who beat his wife and child.   Why?  Because at the
comics code was loosening up and they wanted to show
that off.  I think Mantlo introduce the MPD thing but
in a gimmicky unrealistic 'two personalites only' sort
of way.   The results of doing so weren't really that
    A few years after those stories, about two years
into his run, Peter David began to really try to
figure out The Hulk and Banner.  Which really-- no one
had done before.   Banner had been a cardboard cut out
scientist.  Hulk was a cut out monster.  You could
barely tell Rick Jones and Snapper Carr apart. Of
course, thanks to Tom Peyer and Peter David we still

     Anyway, that's what I really aiming to do. 
Because I actually liked Carolyn and Electra as
characters inspite of more than a fair share of bad
stories.  The idea of having them being related to
Killfile wasn't a bad one.   It was the fact that
Carolyn found out her dad was Killfile, he came back
and they beat him.  Then Teenfactor went out for ice

     I think it just needed something to highlight all
the cool stuff.  If you're going to make a heroes
parent a villain when you focus on it should be
important.  There is always a lot of conflict in
families.   Particularly in families gatherings.  
Hmm... a Killfile family reunion.  Y'know... somebody
should really write that.    


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