META: The Greats

Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler jaelle at
Thu Apr 20 10:17:45 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> The twenty-seventh of this month will mark the
> fourteenth anniversary of the Legion of Net. Heroes. 
> And, to mark the occassion, I pose a question to the
> group:
> What are your favourite LNH stories, and why?

Thinking back over all the LNH stories I've read, it's hard to pick 
favourites. Partially, this is because my memory is not very good (I can 
barely remember what I was doing last week, much less what I was reading 
ten or eleven or so years ago) but also because there have been so many 
of them. So I figured, why not go for the ones that really hooked me 
into the Looniverse and made me think, "Damn it, I want to WRITE in this 

I can't remember which was the first series I read when I first stumbled 
into aclnh, but I remember which two hooked me completely and they were 
"Aeneas and Ferris" and "LNH Comics Presents". I adored Aeneas and 
Ferris, especially Ferris/Deductive Logic Man (who I really wanted to be 
in WBW when I started writing it, and was thrilled when his appearance 
was okayed by K.M. Wilcox for issue 5) and quickly tore through all 
available issues, as well as the Aeneas Boddy Chronicles. The other 
title, "LNH Comics Presents" was doing a storyline involving Kid G/Tsar 
Chasm at that time, and he quickly became another of my favourite 
characters (who I also managed to sneak into my own title several times 
-- thanks Ken!).

"Tales of the LNH" was also a favourite, as I always liked Panta as a 
character. I also enjoyed "spaceQuest: Raven" and some of the 
mega-crossover sagas (for example, the Three Day Lull). Later I got into 
titles such as Easily-Discovered Man, Glitch Girl, Decibel Dude, and 
Vigilante Guy. The Order of St Doomas/Dumbass also deserves an 
honourable mention I think, as being an enjoyable venting outlet for 
those of us fed up with the spam-posts that were causing a lot of 
trouble at the time. A lot of very entertaining short stories came out 
of those flames.

There are a lot of other series and crossovers I've enjoyed since over 
the years, but listing them all would take far too much time. Suffice it 
to say, I'm still here and still reading, and even (occasionally) still 
writing, and I have no reasons not to keep doing so.


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