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Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 21:49:02 PDT 2006

Looks very nice, Arthur!  I think it might be better moved to the
"Evolution" section, as it is a natural outgrowth of that idea; the
"Looniverse" section should be revised to cover the basics of the LNH
world, its humour, people, and backstory.

Someone more familiar with the pre-LNH history (by which I mean more
familiar than myself; after all, Art *did* give us the Legion of Net.
Hippies) should tell that part of the story, the "fictional" history of
the world and Net.ropolis.  I think we can stay away from current
history in so much as there have been no earth-shaking crossovers in
the LNH reality.  There have been great ones-- and I think that would
be an excellent idea for another "The Greats" thread-- and ones that
have had major impacts on the characters involved, but nothing so grand
and lofty as to merit discussion in the fictional history part of the

I think Legion of Occult Heroes deserves an entry in the "Evolution"
section.  Again, someone who's read it more often or more recently than
I would be a better choice for blurbologist.  Also, Adrian pointed out
that my list is all made up of "old" stuff.  While I have no problem
with that myself, I understand his point and I think three or four
great series from the last five to ten years deserve mention.  Maybe
just one of the cascade stories, to show that they're still going on:
I'd suggest SAVIOURS, though I'm intrigued by this MUTTON MANIA.
Having not read it (yet) myself, I was wondering if anyone might tell
me what it was about?  It sounds a bit scary.

I'm also turning my attention towards linking other articles to the LNH
article; for example, Matter-Eater Lad has two parodies in the LNH
universe, (Cheesecake- and Briefcase- Eater Lads) and so I have a link
to that within.  Off the top of my head, I think the Magneto article is
ripe for a link.   (Arthur's also done an excellent job getting some
links to the LNH page on the USENET, superheroes by team, and Superguy
articles/categories, as well as the redirect pages.)

I'm going to be putting up pictures of Limp-Asparagus Lad and Dvandom
Force, per the permission of Saxon and Dave-- as soon as I figure out
how to do it. :-)  Remember, I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the
world.  Anyone else who would like their artwork up there, feel free to
do so; but, again, let's do it with an eye towards keeping it article
like; i.e., let's not upload an ass-load of pictures and list every
series ever created and every LNHer: that'd be misusing Wikipedia, it'd
be crufty and pointless, and, most of all, it would result in a shitty
article that would turn people off.

The LNH article is not an advertisement for the LNH.  While it will
certainly raise our profile and be helpful in attracting new readers
and writers, the primary purpose of the article is because the LNH *IS*
important, it *IS* encylopedic.  Let's keep in mind why it's important,
why it's special, and emphasize those things in a way that's
comprehensive without getting into the kind of obsessive detail better
reserved for resource materials on the LNH homepage or discussion here
in the group.

And, by making the article as attractive, succinct, and reader-friendly
as possible, it will result in attracting more attention to our little
corner of the net anyway. :-)

And, having said all that, I wonder if the article needs an in-joke
section. :-)

Tom, who has actually had coca-cola spiked with paprika and, yes,
that's a man's pop!

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