META: The Greats

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Apr 14 20:57:54 PDT 2006

And, while we're at it, why not elect Ike the Pike to membership.  I
didn't kill him off, did I?

Dave Van Domelen wrote:
> In article <C065A2BE.121E4%arspitzer at>,
> Arthur Spitzer  <arspitzer at> wrote:
> >The Pet.Trenchcoat Brigrade?  The Super Holiday Miracle Pets?
>      The Space Canine Parody Association versus the Lurky-Lemurs!

Nothing in recent memory rivals my joy at discovering the Space Canine
Patrol Agents (Big dog, big dog, bow-wow-wow).

>      Dave Van Domelen, knows Jameel would be down with that....

"Pantless" Tom Russell, proud that he started the SCPA Wikipedia article

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