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On Weds 12 April 2006 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at> asked:


>Have you printed out every LNH story?  And if so, if you stack them all
>together how tall are they?

Nah.  There was a period in the mid-1990s after I'd left university but
before I was able to afford my own computer where my RACC reading
was basically 'skim-only'.  But what I do have fills about one-and-a-half
drawers in a normal sized filing cabinet.  The fact that the early stuff was
printed one sided on tractor feed and the rest was word-processed for
doubled sided at 9 point for better text-to-paper size ratio may have
something to do with it.


>Speaking of great stories I really need to print out my Refugees of
>Net.ropolis and Guttertrash one of these days lest I have a complete hard 
>drive crash and lose those series forever.  (Damn Abhay for deleting them 
>from the archives... yeah, I know it's his call... but still... Sigh.)

He actually asked me in private email if I could help him with the addresses
of the various archive/webpage administrators for a project that he
wouldn't decsribe but which would probably upset a lot of people.  In
retrospect this must have been what he was talking about, and your
reaction indicates that he was right...


>Lets see here... Dogboy, Cauliflower, was Arvie the WonderDog and LNH
>series?, I think there was some mini involving dogs too (forget the name)
>and of course the Way Cool Adventures of Dr. Cool J Dog.  :)  (or maybe 

No no no no no. Some villain attacks the LNH with a device that renders all
the humans unconscious.  This leaves W.I.L.B.U.R., Cauliflower, Mojodog,
Peelix, Hailu Gorilla, Occultism Kid's door warden, the Red Herring, and 
of kiwis and oozlefinches, plus possible guest appearances by Icthys the
zombie fish and Venbdorr the-soda-machine-that-walks-like-a-man, to
coordinate the defenses of the LNH-HQ.  Just don't call them the
Legion of Net.Pets.   :-P

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