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> Musing on great LNH stories, I am baffled by my embarrssment of riches.
> There are some series that I actually print out and then have thesis bound
> in buckram rather than just having then stapled together and kept in a
> binder
> - but those lucky series are ones that I know have completed (Constellation/
> Dvandom Force) or which I have given up on ever seeing completed (Legion
> of Occult Heroes).  (Tries to recall if he's have Retcon Hour bound, but
> honestly cannot recall)

Have you printed out every LNH story?  And if so, if you stack them all
together how tall are they?

When I first started reading alt.comics.lnh I printed stuff, including
comments and stuff although I did this only for like a month.

Haven't really printed out any stories except for a printout I have of the
Saviors of the Net.  Just destroy my eyesight by reading them straight from
the computer.

Speaking of great stories I really need to print out my Refugees of
Net.ropolis and Guttertrash one of these days lest I have a complete hard
drive crash and lose those series forever.  (Damn Abhay for deleting them
from the archives... yeah, I know it's his call... but still... Sigh.)

Speaking of Bound stories and Guttertrash though a couple of months ago I
spotted an anthology called Adventure Vol 1 Edited by Chris Roberson at a
bookstore in Yuma.  It had two stories from ex-RACC'rs, Marc Singer and
Matthew "Badger" Rossi.  One of the stories was 'Johnny Come Lately' that
first appeared in Guttertrash on RACC.  Kind of cool to be able to buy a
book in store that had a RACC story in it.  Probably can find it on Amazon.

> I've been meaning to have Tales Of The LNH similarly bound for about a year-
> and-a-half now, and after that will probably be Misfits, Decibel Dude &
> Vigilante
> Guy and probably Swordmaster.
> But then there are all the 'little' (shorter run) series that have been lots
> of fun
> but whose short page count makes it rather unworkable to have bound, and
> which will therefore probably languish eternally in folders:  Dog Boy
> springs to
> mind.

Perhaps it could be bound in a 'Greatest LNH Dog Stories' anthology.

Lets see here... Dogboy, Cauliflower, was Arvie the WonderDog and LNH
series?, I think there was some mini involving dogs too (forget the name)
and of course the Way Cool Adventures of Dr. Cool J Dog.  :)  (or maybe not)

> If Jaelle's recent Ape Month contribution is counted as an example of being
> a
> continuation of the series, then Writers Block Woman (Mouse) beats me as
> longest running.

Yeah, I forgot about WBW... maybe I should just started posting new issues
of JONG so I can claim to have the longest running existing series on RACC.

Arthur "Remembers when LA-Man was just a character example in the FAQ"

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