[LNH] Limrick Lemur #1

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Tue Apr 11 22:34:00 PDT 2006

There once was a lemur from Laos
Who liked licking lemon lollipops.
In Laos he lived
Until one day he did
Get transfered to a zoo in Net.ropolis.

Now Net.ropolis zoo, so they say,
Is not from LNHQ far away
So Linquist Lass
Did happen to pass
By this one Lemur's cage one day.

Now if you were to have asked
This pretty young linguist of a lass
If lemurs could talk
And 'bout what they did talk
She would have accused you of being an ass----.

So she was surprised
When it did so arise
That what seemed like nonsense vocalisations
With no possible English translations
She found to be of actual words comprised.

>>You can talk!<< exclaimed she.
>>So can you!<< replied he
But while a common language they did have
Linguist Lass, ne'ertheless, felt sad
Because locked in a cage he did be.

Linguist Lass went to see
The zookeepers, all three,
To argue in favour of her friend's release.
Though she wanted him free
It was not meant to be
Unless she could prove he was more than a beast.

>>A beast I am not!<< the lemur insisted.
"A beast I am not!" our hero translated
But laugh did the trio
As they drank cappucino
Leaving our translating hero frustrated.

>>Bring me an apple!<< Linguist Lass then requested
And when her request was then thus completed
The zookeepers said
That trained him she had
Not to say that this wasn't impressive.

So then finally
It did come to be
That Linguist Lass could take him with her.
With one goal complete
The next one would be
To make him the newest Legion member.

"But wait!" said the Ninja,
The LNH leader,
"What is it that he can do?
Because thinking and talking
And drinking and walking
Are things that most of us here do too!"

"Not much," she admitted.
"But look," she insisted,
"Most of us here belong to the human race!
If he's not permitted...
If lemurs aren't fitted
To join us then what a disgrace!"

And so did this lemur -
This useless lemur -
Join this famous net.hero institute.
Our hero and her
Less than useful lemur
Had managed to make him their newest recruit!

                                      THE END

Linguist Lass and Limrick Lemur are mine.  Ultimate Ninja is not.


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