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Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Tue Apr 11 22:12:25 PDT 2006

Musing on great LNH stories, I am baffled by my embarrssment of riches.
There are some series that I actually print out and then have thesis bound
in buckram rather than just having then stapled together and kept in a 
- but those lucky series are ones that I know have completed (Constellation/
Dvandom Force) or which I have given up on ever seeing completed (Legion
of Occult Heroes).  (Tries to recall if he's have Retcon Hour bound, but
honestly cannot recall)

I've been meaning to have Tales Of The LNH similarly bound for about a year-
and-a-half now, and after that will probably be Misfits, Decibel Dude & 
Guy and probably Swordmaster.

But then there are all the 'little' (shorter run) series that have been lots 
of fun
but whose short page count makes it rather unworkable to have bound, and
which will therefore probably languish eternally in folders:  Dog Boy 
springs to

Meanwhile on Tuesday 11 April 2006 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at>


>When both Tales of the LNH and Dvandom Force ended it kind of killed an
>entire era of the LNH.  I don't think the LNH ever really fully recovered
>from those series concluding.  If I started posting new issues of JONG
>today, JONG would be the oldest series still running.  If Rob Rogers posted
>more issues of Easily-Discovered Man that'd be the oldest series running.  
>guess Martin Phipps could start posting new issues of LNH v1 and that would
>be the oldest.  But for now it looks like maybe Saxon's LAM is probably the
>oldest series running and that started several months after I joined.

If Jaelle's recent Ape Month contribution is counted as an example of being 
continuation of the series, then Writers Block Woman (Mouse) beats me as
longest running.

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