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> Jamas Enright wrote:
>> On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Tom Russell wrote:
>>> The Rogers essay is worth seeking out, BTW.
>> <googlegooglegoogle>
> Thank you for the link, Jamas. :-)
> Another great LNH series would have to be LNH TRIPLE PLAY.  Jeff
> McCoskey took characters who could be mere gag characters and made them
> something more, gave them that little something extra.
> --Tom

Yeah, I agree.  Every issue of LNH Triple Play was great.

Pretty much everything Jeff wrote on RACC was an entertaining read.

Arizona probably had the greatest percentage of great LNH writers.  :)
(Assuming you calculate Jeff McCoskey as being worth 100 mortal LNH writers.
Which he was.  :))

Arthur "1/8 of an LNH writer" Spitzer

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