META: The Greats

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Sun Apr 9 05:27:22 PDT 2006

  In my mind, when somebody mentions great LNH stories
only three things come to my mind.

 The first being Electra's Paradise.   Sure the
plotting is a little hackish.  But it really sells the
potential of Electra as a character.   She could
really go either way.   
 I fell in love with that character and wished that
one day I would get to write her.  Which a few months
later, I actually did.   And I've written here several
times since.   Tom insists that my stuff is better
than that story.   And in truth, it probably is.  But
I don't forget my roots.  

  The second being Sean Daugherty's Brain Boy.  That
series had a good balance of comedy and drama.   It's
the same balance I tried to go for on Vel and didn't
quite hit.   Tom Russell's run on Brain Boy however
was complete crap.

  The third is ALL-POWERFUL MASTER MAN.  Corey Smith's
series is truly a book that lifts the spirits. 
Whenever you think you can't write your way out of a
paperbag, all you have to do is read this and you'll
feel all better.   It's like what Sam Clemens said of
Henry James.  "Once you put down one of his books, you
don't want to pick it up again."      

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