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Author:    Sam Vimes
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Date:      1998/10/09
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LNH: Saviors of the NET #4: "Which way is up?"

    The dark figure behind the desk addressed three equally dark shapes
before it's desk. They stepped into their respective spot-lights as the
butler motioned them and stood quietly.
    "Gothic Gorilla, Mood Arrow, Captain Killfile," the darkly ambiguous
voice intoned, each of them bowing their heads as they were called,
"Ultimate Savior worries me. The...*boy*...is too powerful." A light
flickered and an image was projected onto one screen; it was a chart showing
what appeared to be Jesse Cashew at different ages, with a power gauge to
the right of each shot.
    "He was powerful enough when he stumbled upon our little scheme," with
this Gothic Gorilla was given a meaningful look, and the other two shook
their heads. He had been assigned to take out the young hacker, but had
failed. "Now," continued the voice,"That our unique aging process has begun
to accelerate he will become less of a problem; it seems that his abilities
have reached their peak at this stage, and will soon begin to decline as he
progresses. Your only job now is to keep his motley...recruits," the word
was almost spat out, and this time everyone looked at Captain Killfile,
whose idea it had been to trick the boy into believing they had a real team,
"Out of the way when I give the word. Adler Stim, a.k.a. Jesse Cashew , is
about to contribute more to our cause than ever before!"
    This comment was followed by a good ten minutes of maniacal laughing
before Mood Arrow piped up: "How's he going to do that?"
    "The best way," replied the darkness that would have given a very
disturbed scary creature man the creeps, "He'll become a martyr!"

Ultimate Ninja looked over the information and shook his head. It was all so
convoluted, almost intentionally so...almost as if someone was trying to
keep revelation after revelation headed their way. There was only one being
with such power, and...he looked up into the space directly between himself
and the ceiling.
    "This had better not be a goddam crossover," he muttered as he walked
out of his office. It was time to get involved, personally. This left
Deductive Reasoning Man sitting there by himself quite suddenly, but he
hadn't exactly been surprised; he too looked up at the same space.
    "Took you long enough to use that little bit of humor," then he left as
well. The room was empty. Well except for furniture, and papers, and the
nice new lamp on the desk. It was a very expensive lamp...


    Very Disturbed Scary Creature Man was lurking again. He had found that
the very act of lurking in the right parts of town almost guaranteed a few
superstitious crook or two to threaten. He grinned sadistically at as he
pictured the collection of snapshots he used to have on his wall at home.
The horrified faces of the store clerk, the bike messenger, his ex-wife, his
dog...it had been his only hobby after he found this suit. Before he met
Adler, that is, the kid was so damned smart, and honest, and dammit all he
had to was *suggest* something and you felt sorry for anyone that tried to
stop him. The natural charisma just rolled off the boy...it was like he
expected so much of people, and they didn't want to let him down...
    VDSCM shook his head as a nagging thought worked it's way into his
consciousness...hadn't he left some criminal or another tied to the side of
a building an hour or so ago?....

    "Several dozen criminals with outstanding warrants in the vicinity of
Buckler and Ethernet were rushed to the hospital tonight after they suffered
heart attacks," It would be reported by a strikingly gorgeous reporter with
too much make-up later that evening, "The reason? Witnesses say it was
caused by what some are calling the most frightening string of swearing ever
heard in this area. Quite an achievement. AVI at eleven."

Next: Tons of cool exciting stuff hopefully written by someone more familiar
with LNH characters!

Mike "Ultimate Slacker" Mc
Ultimate NInja: Ray Bingham
Deductive Logic Man: Not Reserved
The Saviors: Arthur Spitzer/ Not Reserved

NEXT TIME: Saviours of the Net #5: 'Spotlight On: Gothic Gorilla'
           by Saxon Brenton

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