ASH: ASH #67 - "Monstrous" (Manifest Destiny Part 3)

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Apr 7 14:15:10 PDT 2006

Jamie Rosen wrote:

> Jamie,
> who really has nothing to add, as he's not read the issue in question,
> and the subject seems to have veered away from there anyway, and
> he's not in the mood for generic philosophising about the subject at
> the moment anyway -- not because of any negative feelings like
> Willey, mind you, just out of a general lack of interest in the general
> subject (as opposed to specifics, which may interest him more --
> but not right now.)

Aw, damn it, Jamie!  You let the cat out of the bag.  Now everyone will
stop playing the What Gender Is Jamie Rosen? game.

--Tom, who has said his piece on the currently maligned-subject

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