ASH: ASH #67 - "Monstrous" (Manifest Destiny Part 3)

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Fri Apr 7 07:49:44 PDT 2006

Dave Van Domelen wrote:
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> Tom Russell <milos_parker at> wrote:

> > Upon finishing it, my first
> >thought was, when are all these giant monsters going to kick the shit
> >out of each other?  Deep questions like that.
>      Patience, grasshopper.  The super giant monster throwdowns generally
> don't happen until later in the movie, leaving aside the beatdowns delivered
> unto squibs (i.e. Bronzewing eating the sea serpent).

I know, I know.  ::pouts::

> > what is love?
>      And what is love among giant monsters?  Does the earth truly move?

I guess it depends if they stick with missionary or if they get more

>      Strictly speaking, those are all nouns as well.  The -ing ending makes
> the verb into a class of noun called a gerund.  :)

Learn something new everyday. :-)

> >Except maybe the Leviathan.
>      Awww, giant sea serpents need love too.  Not that it bears TOO much
> contemplation.
>      ASH has a lot of relationship stuff in it.  Some couples stick together,
> some don't, and some pairings don't even really get off the ground despite
> readers hoping they will.  Political intrigue, science fiction, romance and
> giant monsters...what more can you ask for?  :)


>      Dave Van Domelen, would ask for some romance of his OWN, mind you....


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