REVIEW: End of Month Haikus # 1

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Wed Apr 5 13:45:05 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> It's awfully kind of Saxon Brenton not only to read every story
> posted, but to take the time to review them in END OF MONTH REVIEWS; I
> think people don't appreciate him enough.  Since Saxon has had an
> extremely busy month, he had to pick and choose which titles to review.
>  This is completely understandable.
>    However, I find that I am inspired by Saxon's monthly service to the
> RACC community, and so me and my buddy Haiku Gorilla have decided to
> help him out with this workload.  And so, Tom Russell proudly presents
> the inaugral edition of...

<stares at haikus with a somewhat goofy bemused look on face>

Have I mentioned to you guys that there are times when I think this
place couldn't possibly get any more surreal, and then it turns out
I'm wrong? But in a good way, of course.

But I'm not sure I can agree with the idea that EoMR doesn't get
enough appreciation.  After doing the number crunching for the
RACCies for two years, I can tell you that the struggle for 'Best
Review title' award hasn't been a close contest like it is for some
of the other awards. Not by a long shot. People do seem to
appreciate it, by they aren't highly vocal about it on a regular
basis, is all. But thanks for the thought.

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