[WWW] Enter the Infinatum

Sarcasticus Rex the_infinatum at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 5 11:37:58 PDT 2006

An event as sudden and as devastating as the extinction of the
dinosaurs. In it's wake, millions of people would die and civilization
as we know it would forever be scarred. Things would be changed, heroes
would be revealed, old secrets would be lost and new ones found.
All in a wave of black.
The Black Wave Event is an original, 7-part short story serial
detailing the catastrophic events of the end of the world, seen through
the eyes of seven individuals. These characters each have a part to
play, not only in the Black Wave Event, but in the lives of those who
will rise from the ashes, to fight for those who cannot.
This serial is already posted on my website,
Coming this June, the story of the Infinatum will continue with the
monthly addition of proposals for on-going series about groups and
characters in the post-Black Wave Event world.
Also on my website, synopses of 7 screenplays I've written that range
from comedy, to thriller, to sci-fi.
There will always be more to come. Stay Tuned!

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