REVIEW: End of Month Haikus # 1

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue Apr 4 15:06:59 PDT 2006

   It's awfully kind of Saxon Brenton not only to read every story
posted, but to take the time to review them in END OF MONTH REVIEWS; I
think people don't appreciate him enough.  Since Saxon has had an
extremely busy month, he had to pick and choose which titles to review.
 This is completely understandable.

   However, I find that I am inspired by Saxon's monthly service to the
RACC community, and so me and my buddy Haiku Gorilla have decided to
help him out with this workload.  And so, Tom Russell proudly presents
the inaugral edition of...


Reviewed in this issue:
     Academy of Super-Heroes #66  [ASH]
      Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Presents The RACCies... Again! #3-5
      RACCQuest parts 1, 1.000001, 2-3, [4-6]  [RACCCafe]
      RACCCAfe: Talking Gorilla Smackdown 2006  [and follow-ups]
      Ultimate Mercenary #5  [LNH]
      The Way-Cool Adventures of Dr. Cool J. Dog! #1  [LNHY]

Academy of Super-Heroes # 66

   Dave von Domelen
   monsters! intrigue! Venus! bird!
   I'm a doodyhead

Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Presents The RACCies... Again! # 3-5

   Art and Adrian
   retcons running rampant (spring)
   Killfile was virile

RACCQuest # 1-6

   McClure, Art, et al
   derailed plots, like butterflies
   beware Chuggernaut!

Talking Gorilla Smackdown 2006

   Gothic Gorilla
   despite being amusing
   is still a pussy

Ultimate Mercenary # 5

   Manga Girl the third (?)
   soft! secret ninja business!
   frog on lilypad

Way-Cool Adventures of Dr. Cool J. Dog!, The # 1

   drug use encouraged
   McGruff wants to bite you, Art
   LNHY? leaf!

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