LNH/META: Retcon of retcon

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Tue Apr 4 14:05:19 PDT 2006

>Popular characters never stay dead in comics.

>Now, as to explaining his out-of-character non-Haiku
>speak in his first appearance--

Tom, your problems answer one another. You have:

a)a character by the name of Haiku Gorilla who does not speak in haiku,
and is dead;
b)a character by the name of Haiku Gorilla who speaks only in haiku,
and is alive.

Obviously, these are two different Haiku Gorillas! HG "a" is likely an
impersonator, since HG "b" predates him (in internal chronology, if not
in posting.) The question then becomes, who would recruit (or
brainwash) an impostor Haiku Gorilla? The same people who hired
Briefcase-Eater Lad? And who was the second Haiku Gorilla, really?

I smell a miniseries.

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