LNH/META: Retcon of retcon

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 08:47:12 PDT 2006

RACC's beloved Haiku Gorilla began as a throw-away
character: he was intended to tie JUST IMAGINE 2 with
the APES MONTH event, and was murdered soon after,
making him literally a throw-away character.

It wasn't until March that I rethought the character,
thanks in large part to Adrian McClure and my lovely
wife Mary.  And thus began a grand new chapter in the

Since Haiku Gorilla's personality and character was
not really defined until his original series, I
decided to make the HGA Haiku Gorilla the "official"
and "canon" version.  The LNH's ties to continuity
have always been tentative at best, and so I retconned
his death and appearances in JUST IMAGINE 2 away.

However, this provides a disservice to those working
on JUST IMAGINE 2, as it renders their work moot after
the fact.  And so, I am retconning my retcon.

H.G.'s appearance in JUST IMAGINE 2 is now here and
forevermore canon just as much as in HAIKU GORILLA
ADVENTURES.  At the moment, the series takes place
*before* JUST IMAGINE 2; at a certain point, the
series will then jump forward in time, taking place
*after* JUST IMAGINE 2.

As to how these things will be reconciled, well,
c'mon-- the group is comics-related and the character
is probably the most popular one I've ever created. 
Popular characters never stay dead in comics.

Now, as to explaining his out-of-character non-Haiku
speak in his first appearance-- I'll just chalk that
up to still groping around, still trying to figure the
character out.  WikiBoy is very similiar in this
regard, because in his first appearance (the
ALT.RIDERS FOX.NET special) he resembles more a
brain-scrambled robot than the LNHer Anyone Can Edit.

Anyone with an idea as to how to fix/reconcile these
two debut appearances with their later personalities,
feel free to run them by me.  Both characters are
reserved, but useable with my permission-- which is
generally pretty lax as long as the writer understands
the characters.

And those with an interest in continuity fixes would
be advised to keep an eye on WEB OF MAINSTREAM MAN--
at some point in the series, probably soon, I will be
addressing the period of time in which our hero
inexplicably gained superpowers such as flight and


Tom Russell
Director of MILOS,

"If a comic book, book, movie or novel is not somebody's fantasy 
then who wrote it and to whom does it appeal to?  In order for a 
shared universe to have a widespread appeal, it has to appeal on 
a primal level.  If somebody says superhero comics are just 'wish 
fulfillment' then he needs to explain what is entertainment that 
doesn't satisfy our wishes and what satisfaction at all you can get 
from it." -- Dr. Martin Phipps

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