LNHY: The Way-Cool Adventures of Dr. Cool J Dog! #1

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 3 17:32:59 PDT 2006

in article 1143947867.266856.129000 at u72g2000cwu.googlegroups.com, Tom
Russell at milos_parker at yahoo.com wrote on 4/1/06 8:17 PM:

> :-)
> Damn it-- Eightfold needs a Dr. Cool J Dog!
> Remember, folks-- Eightfold may be a closed universe-- but all you have
> to do is knock and we'll open the door.
> --Tom

I don't know.  For all the money I pay Dr. Cool J Dog
all I've gotten are some large hotel bills and some
threatening phone calls from some drug dealers.

Arthur "And some bullets holes in my car!" Spitzer

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