LNH/ACRA: The Legion of the Net. Heroes Vol. 2, # 10

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Tue Sep 27 20:04:56 PDT 2005

I've always thought Hamlet was like Batman.  I mean, his parents were
killed.  Well, one of them anyway.  And he wanted revenge.  So that
made Horatio like Robin, especially the 60s TV version.  ("Holy, play
within a play, Hamlet!  You were right!)


Tom Russell wrote:
> A quick google search reveals that issues of male
> homosexuality have been addressed in RACC before, and
> also in the LNH: just last year there was a story by
> Martin Phipps about Fagneto, the earth-GAY version of
> Lagneto who was "super-gay".  I'd like to give Martin
> the benefit of the doubt that he was satirizing
> homophobic reactions.

Um, okay.  Actually, that was just a Bad Pun Boy gag.  Bad Pun Boy was
being homophobic.  Blame him.

Actually, I had been thinking of doing an actual Earth-Gay story but if
_I_ did it in the usual LNH style it would come across as terribly
homophobic.  And I wouldn't want to do a serious story about gay
people.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.

On the other hand, I did write this (from Generation Zed, the New Class

  "Part of the problem is that LNH HQ is a nexus of realities,"
Insomniac 5
explained.  "That's why there have been so many LNHers who have come
from other dimensions and realities, you know like No Sense of
Direction Man
or the Misfits."
  "That's true," Johnny Stomper said, "but there comes a point where
don't want people crossing over between realities all the time.  Nor do
necessarily want to be the one to cross over.  I mean, imagine you are
watching the Toon.net Show with Jay Leno, you go to the bathroom and
you come out its not Jay Leno but Gay Leno."  Johnny shuddered.  "Not
there's anything wrong with that."
  "Did that actually happen to you?"
  Johnny nodded his head.  "And on the other channel Letter.man was
on to Richard Simmons.  It was really creepy!  So I turned the TV off
went to bed and everything was back to normal the next morning.  Thank
  Insomniac 5 sighed.

The latter was meant to satirize homophobia, yes.


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