META: A Strange and Funky Situation

Eagle eagle at
Mon Sep 26 08:03:40 PDT 2005

Tom Russell <milos_parker at> writes:

> On google groups, my last few posts have been headed with a link reading
> multipart_alternative_part, which is a dead link.  This perturbed me a
> little, and it had happened before-- the first issue of Speak!, for
> example, had the same thing happen to it-- but it had stopped for a
> while.
> I figured it was best to shrug my shoulders, but the always helpful and
> studious Saxon Brenton has informed me that my last few posts have not
> shown up in his e-mail box (he's on the mailing list).  Actually, they
> do show up-- just missing the actual body text.  Empty headers.

It looks good to me, via both news and mail.  Your posts are
multipart/alternative, which is kind of annoying and I wish they weren't,
but it's probably hard to change.  The structure seems fine to me, though,
and there's certainly text.

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