META: A Strange and Funky Situation

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Sep 26 08:01:56 PDT 2005

On google groups, my last few posts have been headed with a link reading multipart_alternative_part, which is a dead link.  This perturbed me a little, and it had happened before-- the first issue of Speak!, for example, had the same thing happen to it-- but it had stopped for a while.
I figured it was best to shrug my shoulders, but the always helpful and studious Saxon Brenton has informed me that my last few posts have not shown up in his e-mail box (he's on the mailing list).  Actually, they do show up-- just missing the actual body text.  Empty headers.
I seem to recall that same first issue of Speak! also went missing on Saxon, and so it follows that, perhaps, these two things are related.  Does anyone else who recieves their RACC through the mailing list have this problem with my posts?  Or does anyone have any idea what the cause of the situation might be?
I'm sure it's some fairly simple and obvious and stupid thing that I've done or not done.  I don't post through google-- and the multipart_alternative_part doo-hickey, which is apparently a .gif file, has a google address in its properties box-- but rather through the rec.arts.comics.creative at eyrie dot org email address.
Perplexed and perturbed,

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