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Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 2 01:14:11 PDT 2005

--- martinphipps2 at yahoo.com wrote:

> Tom Russell wrote:
> > You're going to be confused at first.
> Yeah.  I think Jesse is angry with me for asking so
> any questions.
> "It's supposed to be confusing," he says.  "It's
> like Hitchcock.  You
> don't always know what's going on."  Okay.  In that
> case, mission
> accomplished!  Good job!

  Well, I definately agree with Hitchcock on the
nature of terror.   You show someone gore and it is
only disturbing as long as it is one the screen... and
then it disturbs you less because you know what's
coming.   If you don't see it... or you only see part
of the picture it is more disturbing because the
imagination fills in the gaps.   And it can create
things far more disturbing than even the best CGI
could possibly create.     

> You're right though, it does start to make more
> sense as you get though
> it. :)

   My trick is to never start an arc unless I have the
whole thing loosely plotted out before hand.   So that
I know everything that's going to happen.  That way I
know that in the end it all goes somewhere.  
Sometimes near the end of Road I was actually writing
all of one characters's threads issues ahead.  Of
course this technique doesn't always work.  Case in
point, there is a character introduced in RTKFW for
whom I did try to write an origin story for.   He is a
comic relief character.  As I was writing it I
realized that he was better off without a revealed
origin.   If I posted the origin story the character
would loose something.   The things he says and does
which were comical suddenly become dark, disturbing
and not as funny.  So while I know which of the things
this character said are true and which are total
crap... you won't and I think the story is better off
for it.    
   The other problem is that whenever you come up with
a new item somethings have to be reworked.

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